sewer and drain repair

Sewer and Drain Repair

Toilet overflow, a sink or basins that won’t drain or that drains slowly, water standing in the tub…These are preliminary signs of a problem in your home sewer system. When this happens it may not always be a major problem. Drain systems can accumulate buildup over time from detergents, hair, grease, soap scum or foreign objects. This buildup may eventually lead to a total blockage, causing a backup in one or several fixtures. In most cases, this problem is resolved by using a drain cleaning machine to clear the blockage.  This is a best-case scenario resolution. When a drain machine cannot resolve the problems this usually indicates a bigger problem in the drainage system. The next step is to use a sewer camera to perform a diagnosis and location of the problem. Once there is a diagnosis, Tomball Plumbing will give a written proposal for repairs. Tomball Plumbing has years of experience dealing with under slab drain repairs. Whether it is the total replacement of an older cast iron drain system or a localized repair on a PVC drainage system, Tomball Plumbing can handle the job.